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Section 1. The State Convention shall welcome all Gospel Singers and Singing Groups, Gospel Song writers, teachers, and representatives of any Gospel Song Publishing Company, and all persons interested in Gospel Singing.

Section 2. Advertising or selling of song books, publications or recordings with the exception of the gospel singing groups' materials and the official materials of the "Convention" is expressly prohibited except with permission of the Board of Directors.

Section 3. The "Convention will not endorse the use of any particular song book in preference to others.

Section 4. All singing groups must register with the official registrar provided by the "Convention," who shall inform them of the order of their appearance in the program.

Section 5. Singers failing to be ready will lose their turn, unless other arrangements have been made and announced.

Section 6. Pick-up and substitute groups are prohibited during the Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, Saturday evening quartet/trio session and Sunday afternoon of the July state singing convention.

Section 7. To avoid partiality and provide equal opportunity, encores will be limited to one and only in the final round of each singing session.

Section 8. Smoking or eating within the auditorium while the "Convention" is in session is prohibited.

Section 9. Drinking of or positive odor of alcoholic beverage will cause anyone to be rejected from participation in the "Convention."

Section 10. Announcements, talks, or addresses will be by the officer in charge, or by his/her invitation.

Section 11. Concession stands, other than the convention concession restaurant, may be permissible when/if approved by the Board of Directors.

Section 12. The Organization will provide police protection and assist the public in parking but will not be responsible in case of fire, theft, or damage.

Section 13. Camping will be by permission only and will be regulated by the officer in charge, acting under the Board of Directors.


West Virginia Mountain State Gospel Singers Corporation

Mount Nebo, WV 26679

Organized in 1949
Chartered in 1956


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